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One of the largest Chinese schools in the city of Shanghai, and a government authorized HSK test center, LONG Mandarin has been providing unparalleled service, exceptional course flexibility for the past 10 years. Join the over 12,000 expats who have discovered a fuller life in China by joining LONG Mandarin. Study Chinese with a full suite of language courses, ranging from complete beginner to an advanced level far above the highest level of tested and reaching into true native fluency, or use our special courses to learn language especially for a business setting, prepare for the HSK, or brush up on your Chinese characters in our Hanzi Class. Develop an appreciation for Chinese culture with cultural classes and monthly events that include everything from learning Tai-chi, to Chinese cooking, to Chinese music, painting and other art classes.


Having worked for years providing English classes to Chinese natives, LONG Mandarin’s principal, Lijing Zhao, saw that there were few options for the Expat community in Shanghai to find good Chinese classes. Lijing opened the doors to her first Foreign students in 2004 and thus established one of the oldest private Chinese schools in China. She brought to her school the two things she had found helped students learn best: excellent teaching, and a welcoming environment. By focusing on these two essential aspects, LONG Mandarin grew rapidly, and soon we found ourselves opening a second campus, and then a third. Today we boast 6 campuses in Shanghai alone, the most of any private Chinese school, and the trust of many of the most famous multinational companies in Shanghai. Our initial location made us incredibly popular among Japanese expats, and we are by far the largest school for this incredibly discerning group of students. Recently, we have reopened our doors to English-speaking students, and we are excited to provide you the service that has made us so successful these past ten years.

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No two students are alike, and we understand that every student has different needs, study habits, and learning goals. Before every course begins, we have a brief survey to help us choose the best of our over 250 certified teachers for your learning style. Matching teachers to student’s learning methods helps us ensure students learn in ways that work for them. Whether you are working as a Businessman with frequent business trips out of Shanghai, working as an English teacher, or just relaxing in Shanghai, we know not everyone can be available at a pre-scheduled time, and unexpected problems can arise. To help fit your schedule we also do our best to make our class schedules flexible. One on one courses can be rescheduled up to 3 hours before the class begins. Group class schedules can be both set and rescheduled if the entire class agrees to the times.