What is the HSK?

The HSK or Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi is an international standardized test used to assess a Chinese speaker’s ability. The HSK is used as the standard by most schools and businesses and is also used as a benchmark for many students to check their progress.The HSK consists of 6 levels, beginning from level one which covers basic Chinese words and phrases, and going to HSK 6 at which point speakers can effectively communicate in both written and spoken Chinese. LONG Mandarin is an authorized test center and holds the monthly test at our Xujiahui campus.

To register please either go online to the official test site or grab your passport and come to our Xujiahui Center to register in person.

Exam Date Exam Type Online Registration Deadline LONG Mandarin's Deadline
Computer Test Written Test Computer Test Written Test
1/10 (Sat) No Test
2/1 (Sun) Written and CT* 1/22 (Thu) 1/5 (Mon) 1/16 (Fri) 12/29 (Sat)
3/28 (Sat) Computer Test 3/18 (Wed) / 3/13 (Fri) /
4/18 (Sat) Written and CT 4/8 (Wed) 3/22 (Fri) 4/3 (Fri) 3/16 (Mon)
5/16 (Sat) Computer Test 5/6 (Wed) / 4/29 (Wed) /
6/14 (Sun) Written and CT 6/4 (Thu) 5/18 (Mon) 5/29 (Fri) 5/12 (Tue)
7/19 (Sun) Written Test 7/19 (Sun) 6/22 (Mon) / 6/16 (Tue)
8/16 (Sun) Computer Test 8/6 (Thu) / 7/30 (Mon) /
9/13 (Sun) Written and CT 9/3 (Thu) 8/17 (Mon) 8/28 (Fri) 8/11 (Thu)
10/17 (Sat) Computer Test 10/7 (Wed) / 9/28 (Mon) /
11/14 (Sat) Written and CT 11/4 (Wed) 10/18 (Sun) 10/30 (Fri) 10/13 (Tue)
12/6 (Sun) Written and CT 11/26 (Thu) 11/9 (Mon) 11/18 (Web) 11/3 (Tue)

Studying for the HSK

Level Words Characters
6 5000+ 2663
5 2500 1685
4 1200 1064
3 600 617
2 300 347
1 150 174

Each of the 6 levels of the HSK builds off the previous level, adding words, characters and grammar points. LONG Mandarin provides prep classes for every level of the HSK test. Each HSK class is designed to build off your Chinese knowledge and prepare you with tips and trick for each specific level of the HSK, while also reviewing the content of the test itself.

Monthly HSK Lectures

Every month, LONG Mandarin holds HSK lectures to help give you information about the HSK. Through samples of questions you are likely to face on the test, as well as quick tips and tricks for how to best tackle these problems, we provide a quick, one-hour crash course in how to ensure your success on the HSK. Interested? Contact us for more information.

Mock Test Station

Two times a week LONG Mandarin opens up an HSK Mock Test station where you can take Mock Tests with the same computer system you will use on the taste day. Prepare for the test, get used to the system, and know how to best prepare for the test. Our teachers also use your mock test results in class to help better prepare you for the test. Mock Test. Our Mock Test Station is open every Tuesday, from 9AM to 5PM, and Wednesdays, from 6:30 PM until 9PM.
Please contact us at least one full week before you plan on coming to take a Mock Test.